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Noticias e Eventos de Cabo Verde

Government banning entry of all non-resident foreign nationals coming from countries affected by Ebola

This is notification from the Government's Communication & Image Office, issued in Praia, Cabo Verde on August 21, 2014: On August 20, 2014, the Government of Cabo Verde approved a resolution banning entry into the country of foreign nationals not residing in Cabo Verde who have been in any of the countries affected by the Ebola virus, in the last thirty days. The Resolution was published in the Official Bulletin, Series I, No. 50, of 20 August. The Government explains that its decision comes in the wake of the rapid spread of Ebola in countries affected, denoting great difficulty in…

Previsões boas para o Turismo em Cabo Verde

O World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC - Conselho Mundial do Turismo e Viagens) coloca Cabo Verde entre os dez países do mundo que vão registar maior crescimento no sector do turismo entre 2014-2024. Estes dados constam de uma pesquisa realizada pelo WTTC, que assinala que os operadores internacionais que apostaram no nosso país já estão a colher os frutos dos seus investimentos.



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